The Society of British Dental Nurses (SBDN) is pleased to announce its contribution to the Dental Professionals Alliance's ECPD myth buster.

The myth buster, published by the General Dental Council, aims to support dental professionals with their understanding of CPD by helping them avoid common mistakes.

The authors explained, “Year after year, we find that some registrants are removed from the register unnecessarily, causing inconvenience, stress and anxiety.” The resource is designed to be “a mechanism that registrants will fall back on, in the hope that unnecessary removals from the register become a thing of the past.”

SBDN said it hopes going forward that the GDC will develop an area on its website, mirroring other regulators so that registrants can visit their website for answers.

The society added that it has been working with the GDC as part of linked discussions around exceptional circumstances and other areas to try and get an interim solution to the known issues. SBDN hopes that there will be a change in the ECPD process and requirements in the future.

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